"Just a note to advise the power heads arrived safely and have been installed – our electrician is delighted with the design and ease of installation, he cant believe how much superior these are than other designs. Knowing how frugal our electrician is with praise this has to be the ultimate endorsement.

Congratulations on a great product."

Ian Beadel

Big4 North Star Holiday Resort


"We were searching for a system that allowed our customers the freedom to use electricity as they needed, but gave us the peace of mind that we weren’t going to be the ones left to pick up the bill. The Orto-Mate program is easy to use and allows us to automatically or manually charge our customers for their electricity consumption in a matter of seconds, with the added bonus of never having to leave the park office. Those who use more, pay more, those who use less, pay less...  Orto-Mate has ensured a fairer system for all our customers, and for us!"

Michelle & John Young

Mackay Blacks Beach Holiday Park


"Installing a user pays system for power means we’re no longer guessing how much power the average camper is using during their stay. As a result we’ve been able to reduce our site fees to compete with the other parks in town whilst still ensuring we won’t be out of pocket at the end of a customer’s stay!"



Rick Martin

Rainbow Pines Tourist Park

Build Your Own


Orto Mate