Over 60 years ago we became part of an industry on the move. The caravanning and holiday parks industry was burgeoning – igniting the sense of adventure that defines the Australian way. Caravanning and holiday parks became host to great adventures in the great outdoors. And we wanted to contribute to those great adventures in our own unique way, wherever those adventures took place.

So we designed and built the smartest and safest power solutions to power parks across the nation. Power solutions that enable our industries to keep moving, and their customers to do the same.

For us it’s not just about power. We’ve been an active part of these industries because we believe in this industry, and its potential to connect people and places. We’re far from suppliers, we’re advocates too. We exist to empower industries on the move – with the right advice, safe solutions and exceptional service.

We do this by deeply listening. By staying close. By thinking ahead.

Because an industry better understood, is an industry better served.

And an industry better served is an industry empowered to make good choices today, to drive tomorrow’s success.

Committed to your success

It takes an army of committed people to build a successful industry. And we’re fortunate to have some of the most dedicating and inspiring organisations around. These groups work tirelessly for our industry. And we support them in their cause.

Latest News

4 Feb 2020

Why ‘user pay’ power is the fairer-for-everyone future for caravan and holiday parks.

4 Feb 2020

Glow Orbs and Saving Electricity: A different take on reducing electricity use.

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