About K-Mac Powerheads

About K-Mac Powerheads

K-Mac Powerheads is an Australian manufacturer of power supply pillars for Caravan Parks and Marinas.

For over 50 years, K-Mac Powerheads has been supplying 240V, 16A caravan park powerheads and more recently, three phase and single phase, weatherproof (IP56) outlets suitable for a marina, pontoon or jetty. Safety has always been a priority at K-Mac Powerheads, hence, every head is fitted with Clipsal, life-saving, safety switches (sometimes referred to as RCD’s or ELCB’s).

K-Mac Powerheads is a foundation contributor to CRVA, and supporting member of caravan park associations in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory, South Australia, Western Australia and Tasmania. We are also supporting members of Big 4 Holiday Parks, Family Parks of Australia and Top Tourist Parks of Australia.


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