KM Series

KM Series

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K-Mac Powerheads’ metered KM Series has undergone a radical change.

Utilising the more compact and stylish design of the KU Series and incorporating new electronic solid - state KWh meters, this powerhead now offers even more options whilst unobtrusively complimenting your park environment.

The big benefit of the KM Series is that you can now recover your electricity consumption costs from your customers. The guesswork is taken out with accurate power usage monitoring via the kWh meters – especially useful for your longer term tenants.

The weatherproof (IPX4) polyethylene shell houses up to four electronic kWh meters, thus servicing up to four sites per powerhead. The meters, outlets and safety switches are protected by fully sprung, self-closing doors.

Many of today’s caravans and motor homes demand extra power... one or two 15A outlets can be provided for each site. You won’t be out of pocket, it’s “user pays”. Lockable doors are also available for each site to ensure that power supply can only be accessed by the paying customer!

In addition, our Utility Management System ‘Orto-Mate’ gives you complete control of your parks utilities (power/water/gas) making remote meter reading and remote switching of site services a breeze. The system is wireless meaning no new cabling is required and labour costs are reduced!! (See the Orto-Mate page for more information).

The KM Series is fully optioned and can incorporate a light, TV, data and telecom outlets. If you wish to provide water taps, simply mount the powerhead on our polyethylene column instead of the standard 60mm O.D. pipe. Fully plumbed 12mm chrome taps are fitted in the column and connection to the water service is via a flexible hose. It’s that easy!

Note: Existing unmetered (KU Series) powerheads can be upgraded to metered powerheads easily...

  • Upgrade on site
  • Very Easy
  • Very Fast
  • You save $$$