First timers

New to powerheads? We’re here to help.

Powerheads are one of the first touch points customers have in a caravan park. And as the saying goes, first impressions last. So it’s worth putting some time into choosing the right powerheads for your park.

If you can’t tell a powerhead from a showerhead, the information in this guide will give you the confidence to make an informed buying decision, knowing that you’ve covered off the most important considerations.

First things first

Before you get started, there are a few things to consider prior to deciding which powerheads to buy.

  • If you’re adding powerheads for new sites, is your parks existing electrical cabling sufficient to handle the increased electrical demand.
  • If replacing existing powerheads, how long will these sites be out-of-service and what is your contingency plan for site bookings?
  • Do you have costs and timelines for the installation work involved?

Want to know more?

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Important considerations

Safety, durability, design and ease of installation are all key considerations before making your final decision.

Finding the right powerhead

Every caravan park is unique. Finding the right powerhead for your park will help it shine.

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