Important considerations

Safety, durability, design and ease of installation are all key considerations before making your final decision.


Electricity is dangerous. The single most important feature in a powerhead is its electrical safety. Consider the powerhead’s following safety features.

  • Circuit breaker (MCB) and safety switch (RCD) protection is a must.
  • Are the safety switches used in the product approved for use in Australia by your local state authority?
  • Safety switch protection must operate in both active and neutral cables and have a maximum residual current rating of 30mA.
  • Do the safety switches carry a warranty? A minimum five year warranty is a good indication of quality.
  • Are the products made in accordance with AS/NZS 3000 and AS/NZS 3001? These are the relevant Australian Standards for powerheads and ensures the product meets minimum electrical standards.


Ensuring your powerheads are electrical safe won’t count for much if the electrical components aren’t kept clean and dry

  • Metal offers high impact resistant but can rust over time when exposed to salt air environments.
  • Plastics are non-corrosive but can be affected by UV exposure, causing them to breakdown over time.
  • Look for engineering grade high density polyethylene mouldings. It won’t breakdown under UV exposure or rust.
  • Check all metal fixings used are stainless steel grade 304 or better.
  • Check the products weatherproof rating with the manufacturer, both when powerleads are plugged in and when they’re not. It should have a rating of IPX4 at a minimum.


Powerheads are one of the first touch points customers have during their stay. And as the saying goes, first impressions last.

Look for features that make plugging in a seamless experience for your customers.

  • Easy to operate self-closing doors. Protects electrical components and maintains weatherproof rating.
  • Power lead restraint point for attaching power leads.
  • Quality and durability to withstand ‘heavy handed’ campers.
  • Space to attached site numbers or labels for easy identification of sites.

Ease of installation and maintenance

Overlooking the cost of installation is the number one reasons for budget blowouts, when purchasing new powerheads. Doing your research here can save you thousands down the track.

  • Ask about the installation process. An intelligently designed powerhead can cut your electricians installation time, and costs, in half.
  • Check out the process for replacing socket outlets and safety switches if they fail.
  • Ask the manufactures for samples of their product and have your electrician compare them for quality and ease of installation.

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